The new UNASNM President and what awaits him and his team

On the 23 to 26 of February 2017, the UNASNM held it’s annual general meeting (AGM); the meeting brought together representative delegations from nursing schools across the country that subscribe to the organisation. Top on every attendees mind was the choice of President to be elected by the end of those three days.

The Uganda National Association of Student Nurses and Midwives (UNASNM) is similar to a student ‘trade union,’ a body that is charged with the responsibility of promoting the welbeing of it’s members who are primarily student nurses and midwives.

During the election process, one by one interested candidates rose to the podium to face the delegates gathered. Each one presented their ‘work plan,’ a manifesto if you will of what their agenda will be while in office.

UNASNM President 2017/18  Mr Kanyakole Frank
The New UNASNM President 2017/18, Mr Kanyankole Frank

The new UNANM President

Mr Kanyankole Frank, a little know man with a passion for leadership and with a solid track record of successful exploits in the medical field as echoed by his impeccable curriculum vitá, emerged the best candidate, becoming the next President of the thirty year old association.

Mr Frank rose on the promise that he would be “taking the UNASNM forward,” a slogan that seemed to have caught the attention and curiosity of most in attendence and thus must have woed many to his side.

The new President also promised to promote unity and co-operation, better networking between the branches and NEC – National Executive Committee of the association. All noble ideas. But can he deliver on them?

What awaits the new cabinet

The new President and his team inherit the challenges that his predicessors encountered as well as the challenge of converting compaign promises to actions.

The effectiveness of most UNASNM cabinest are predominantly assessed by their ability to; host well managed and organised seminars; quickly respond, handle and settle any student issues as if and when they arise; and account for the subscription fees members nursing schools contribute plus donations from other organisations and properly have them deployed to address the needs of the association.

To sum it all

The new cabinet or NEC under H.E Frank will not only face challenges faced by it’s predicessors but also new ones. The most widely know and well attended event that many of the association’s members will look at to load praise or blame on the cabinet will be how well the April and september academic seminars are organised. This will be where the rubber meets the road. If they can successfully pull off any event of such a size and scale, then students countrywide will remember Mr Frank’s cabinet as one that belongs in the record books.

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