UNASNM Questions 2014 – 4

QN 7. Lacor School of Nursing and Midwifery

A 60 year old teacher has been diagnised with chronic renal failure secondary to the diabetes mellitus

a) Define renal failure
b) Classify renal failure with relevant examples
c) State the predisposing causes of;
I. Acute renal failure
II. Chronic renal failure
d) Describe the nursing and medical management of renal failure

QN 8. Nsambya School of Nursing and Midwifery

A 18 year old Male S.6 student has been admitted to a medical ward wtih severe lobar pneumonia of a right lower segment

I. With the help of a well labelled diagram, demonstrate the part of the lung affected
II. Give the pathophysiology of lobar pneumonia
III. Outline the clinical features he is likely to present with
IV. Explain the management of this client until discharge
V. Compare and contrast broncho pneumonia and lobar pneumonia
VI. List 5 complications of pneumonia

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